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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  July 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> we will hear from the top officials. >> the mayor will join us in a moment. >> care rigo with the bells ringing on wall street. [closing bell ringing] another active week the major averages ending the day. >> what is it about the dow? >> is the technology we will talk about that today and this will be incredible. >> here is everything you need to know right now is to read the very latest on the shootings in chattanooga officials and the fbi held a
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press conference and investigators are probing those shooters contracts overseas. >> there was a press conference held after the homeland security committee called it an isis inspired attack but the fbi agent would not go that far but to probe different details of abdulazeez travels abroad. he made several trips to lew jordan and kuwait. abdulazeez is a kuwaiti national and they're trying to learn more about the trip to jordan in 2014. that visit lasted over a month. >>. >> we do know he has traveled outside of the
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united states. son cvs with the intelligence partners to provided disinformation with activities overseas. >> law-enforcement dues scrutinized and investigators are studying the head of the law that was authored by him that contains is long focused post but again a resurgence was the iraq war vet awarded the purple heart with a lance corporal wells and david why it. >> we are just learning the shooter worked at a nuclear power plant in ohio that is
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just coming in from officials and continuing to follow that. >> the search for its reserves continues. federal investigators treating the shooting as domestic terrorism the city is still in the state of shock. prayers for the families and those injured and for your city as well. i am from a marine family but the most consistent question that i get is will the of military facilities remain gun free or will the policy change? >> that is up to the federal government to that is not what we have control over.
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david: but would you request that they change that policy? >> i know the feds will make sure they have the right information to determine the best policy there. for us we are trying to make sure everybody is safe in the city. yesterday we showed our officers are determined and stand ready to do that in our community and responded as quickly as anybody could expect to make sure the fewest number of innocent lives are lost. david: police officers were extraordinarily impressed of the rapidity of the work that you did but unfortunately to chase him before you had a chance to bring him down he did bring down those four marines can you describe as best as possible that final chase
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from the recruitment center to where they were killed? >> we will release the details of that those that were part of the chase and the firefight that occurred but how they relate to me talking about officers with bullets shooting everywhere with great peril to themselves to approach and dragging to safety while engaging the attacker. this was of violence, a brutal attack on our country and certainly on these individuals.
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and our officers responded to the most heroic fashion i could imagine. david: you are describing a battlefield. >> a place for an incredible amount of rounds were fired. we had officers coming from every part of this city to take part. officers you just heard about it on the radio they said the first thing i did was tell my kids i could not stay with them i would jump in the car and i took off. everybody understood mean this is of pants on deck type of situation. what impressed me talking to the officers is under the sink his chances they did with they were taught to do
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that is the unstated part of what happened you with detail will boost their head out there following procedure to make sure there were tactically correct because this person walked into an area determined to shoot as many rounds as possible. the fact was limited in what he could do is a testament to those officers. david: you are describing marine behavior everybody should be pullout -- proud they acted just like marines but i have to ask the moment you heard to the shooter was , is now owns islamic and was born in end to wait, what went through your head? >> the same things through the entire time that this is
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a despicable act. we had someone at two different locations attack people who selflessly risk their lives to defend our country and i cannot imagine anything more happiness. david: and chattanooga has won several times best talent in america as the reputation now unfortunately it has picked up another. how low you turn that around? >> as a community we have a vigil were we will come together to discuss that and a few weeks ago we were celebrated as the best town ever. it doesn't take long to have a different kind of celebration but what we do when these types of situations is come together to try to heal. david: thank you so much for being with us. cheryl: switching gears
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looking at the market's. technology. it was saudia tears today the nasdaq hitting another record high with a big favor components we're standing by on the floor of the new york stock exchange first was get the final numbers of the biggest technology names and let's start with the google. >> that is where you have to start. reporting better than expected earnings after the bell yesterday. a 15% gain to put the shares at $699. the pay cuts were strong so word the ad sales so where the investor concerns were going there you go.
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608 was the last high in 2014 so basically the stock moves increase the market value over $475 billion so google isn't the only name lifetime best for amazon and it was reporting of prime day which was last wednesday sales surpassed and a black friday sales ever in amazon history. even facebook those earnings are not due out through july cheryl: some of these numbers are incredible. what do you make of this? it looks like it sees further gains for amazon. >> is on sentiment but there
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is no profit. but mostly i look at amazon. but that is very dangerous for the competitor. but google is of a totally different story. cheryl: even at this level? >> absolutely to generate a tremendous amount of cash they have not begun to monetize those assets you are seeing a of a great uptake even the basic search numbers are coming around to clean up the quality of those search results and now the new cfo. >> now looking ahead to next week. >> it is sure to move markets but the dow
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component is the headline grabber after that gangbuster report may be more so than if they were not such a huge report caterpillar and mcdonald's and starbucks but mcdonald's franchisees' fill out a survey with said decade though of confidence the stock is under stress. >> we will talk about mcdonald's and no little that. david: we have the busy week next week. trying to smooth things over with the saudis a big meeting at the white house the first as a nuclear deal with iran. >> still no word on tom brady's appeal will the
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commissioners surprise fans on a friday night? not the first time. also a closer look at pluto in feeling new images after the spacecraft took photos 17 straight hours. more coming up. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought.
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david: minnesota redid skeptical of this nuclear deal does obama hosts the foreign minister at the white house the first reading says the deal was announced on tuesday. peter barnes is back. >> this morning between the president and foreign minister it was not on the public schedule but the white house says because normally it is just announcing heads of state but not a lesser officials. the saudis have cautiously
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welcomed the deal but say they're very worried first they are worried it will not work or stop them from developing a bomb in the long run. second to lifting sanctions as part of the deal will make irradiance flush with more cash and more oil led the al loving them to increase the influence where that is a saudi arabia ed chief rival. as the press secretary has replied in whether they fully support the deal. >> i will let them speak for themselves but with a of finance minister today he indicated when he was at camp david that saudi arabia welcomes the discussion between iran and they haven't minister that ability to have that nuclear
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weapon. >> the saudis and other arab allies are looking for is my eighth of the deal is increase sales of american military equipment and a stronger security arrangement as u.s. says it is looking at those request among others. >> he is reportedly going to a broadway show the musical hamilton about alexander hamilton. the white house will not confirm this but the president will be doing any event with his daughters. david: vague you very much. cheryl: of you stories on our raider -- radar. sentenced eight muslim prisoners who joined
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congress was found guilty of felony tax evasion. mexican authorities are revealing how much time had passed before they realized the drug lord was missing escaping through the milelong tunnel ended personnel intentionally caused a delay to issued the alert. and an issue on t5 - - on deflategate with a four game suspension with the under inflated football's during the championship game. but they still one. >> friday evening the best time to put saying's out with a controversy. date number two of the british open after a three hour rain delay we will tell you tops the leader board.
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>> heavy reagan plaguing the british open into a screeching halt in jordan who is chasing his third straight championship event ever on scratch golfer is keeping tabs. [laughter] but there are other big names. [laughter] >> johnson leading the pack he has been dominating 6-foot 4 inches.
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ted under leading all the way very impressive. then there is a british golfer who is doing really well. but jordan is holding his own having a little difficulties but to say i won the masters and u.s. open and the british open the first time in 62 years it has happened. i hope it happens because it would be so exciting for the game. and though whether. -- the weather. right off the north sea and look at those clouds. this morning you cannot even see anything there was water of the camera. if they have so much water they would squeegee off the greens it was this deep the.
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>> they said it is the base to win ashley best course in the world. >> not based on the weather. >> they are supposed to have more ready and tomorrow. >> you want to get out when the waters of -- the weather is decent but it was tough today. david: the last tournament was a desert now they get too much rain. more phenomenal pictures of pluto as wonderful as these pictures are there is no lot of data coming along to tell us stuff we did not know? >> absolutely. the is proving to be enormous if in the complexity they are going from 1940's television to today's high definition. free writing the book for us earthlings.
4:26 pm
new data right below the upper part on the face shows two mile high a mountains and plains for the first time ever we have the 3d animated flyover of the mountain range as big as the colorado rockies in scientists suspect they are far younger than anyone previously imagined the the only 100 million years old. >> had the look at the frozen plains of pluto. lew was have expected this kind of complexity? >> geologist say they are stunned capping a perfect ted your mission and the spacecraft new horizons flying 3 billion miles getting within 8,000 miles and then to put out the montage of pluto through the
4:27 pm
years beginning with the discovery in 1930 by the telescope and the slowly improving images then as it approached tuesday's flyby. the best thing is that new horizon stopped communicating with earth roughly 18 hours to take as much data as possible so every day and every week for the next 68 we will get more of these photos. david: amazing. cheryl: is there a middle east connection? what we are wondering about abdulazeez. david: also isis' urges more attacks on america. cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph,
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>> breaking news. new details emerging from the man who opened fire in two military facilities killing four marines, injuring three others. fox news steven is live in the ground in chattanooga with more, steve, first off. this guy worked at a nuclear plant? >> david, we're getting more going to get muhammad youssef abdulazeez's past. the 24-year-old for a brief time, for a 10-day period did work at the power plant in lake county, ohio in 2013. officials say while he did
4:32 pm
work at the plant, he did not have unescorted access into the power plant. so the mass murderer killed four marines for a brief did did work at a u.s. power plant. >> unbelievable. what else are we finding out about the guy? >> we're finding more about the details of the shooting. apparently he had multiple weapons to carry out that attack. two long guns, either riffles or semiautomatic rifles or shotguns, and at least one pistol. he carried an armor vest, he was not wearing body armor but did have a load-bearing best so he could carry multiple rounds and his motivate was to kill amany police and military personnel as possible. and the behavior of the chattanooga police during the shoot-out inside that naval operations base. officers continue to move forward under fire to rescue by hand one of their hand who was shot in the leg and pull him out by hand.
4:33 pm
so really a proud day for the chattanooga police office. as far as the investigation goes, it is being treated as a terrorism investigation. this gives it the highest priority and certainly one of the key factors they'll be looking into is foreign travel. right now fbi officials have said that muhammad youssef abdulazeez has traveleddous of the country in recent years. not giving any details on exactly where. but a possibility of jordan and possibility of gem en. they're going to look and see if he has been instructed in either of those places. >> steve, thank you very much. >> well, president obama criticized in his response in the shootings quickly ruled out terror and instead pointing to a loan gunman. all of this from the department of homeland security steps up security in various facilities around the country in the wake of this tragedy. joining me now michael security expert and peter brooks a senior fellow and naval analyst at the institute
4:34 pm
for the study. michael. to you first. this happened on the same day that the colorado movie theater sentence was found guilty. how do you differentiate between the two? between someone who was mentally unstable and by one who has been influenced by a terrorist in another part of the world. how do you find that line as an investigator? >> sure. well, one of the first things you look at is the nature of the target. in the colorado shooting, u a guy who goes to the showing of a batman movie and shoots random people. here you have a guy who attacks two separate military facilities. so i think it's clear that he's trying to attack the military as opposed to a completely random crazy person who is just, you know, shooting innocent victims completely on a rampage. >> well, that's true. but chris, at the same time, we know isis using social media seem to be praying on the emotionally weak and vulnerable.
4:35 pm
english speakers, whether it's australia or here in the united states, they pray on this that seem to be vulnerable to this kind of twisted act of terrorism. how do we fight back? >> well, push back on the word vulnerable. he was raised in a family, he had plenty of money, this guy is as privileged as anybody out there. >> but you can be privileged and still potentially insane. >> so he's emotionally vulnerable, at some point he made a decision to engage in jihad and self selected out of the american community that he was in, a very privileged lifestyle and travel to jordan possibly to get cad calized there. we don't have the full investigative background on him on how he came to this decision. but i think based on what we've seen on his writings, on his facebook page. based on the fact that i see father was on the watch list, disposing jordan and
4:36 pm
disappeared for quite sometime. i think all of this are pieces that up to an idea that this guy is now if i go to the profile, the travel profile at least -- >> but yet he was not on a terrorism watch list. peter, again, someone else we are finding out after the death of four heroes of our military, we find out had all of these tenancies to go toward terrorism. after the fact. we missed it. we completely missed this, peter. >> yeah. that's really unfortunate obviously and a tragic day in our history. but we're involved in a very intense period of terrorism. we've had ten plots already this year, this may be the 11th. and the first ten this year were all isis related. now, we don't know which one the 11th someone going to fit into. but we've had more attempts or attacks this year since 9/11 and more than 70 since 9/11. so we're in a very unique period. and sometimes as hard as the law enforcement intelligence
4:37 pm
works, we're not looking for a needle in the haystack, we're looking for the haystack. very, very difficult. over 300 million people here. keeping -- just a very, very difficult task. the other thing i would say is that we're not doing so well against the islamic state. >> of course not. >> overseas. >> of course not. >> have made drawing in a lot of people. >> but it would be nice to hear the president actually use the word terrorist or jihad or something instead of loan wolf. anyway, guys, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> much to be said on that topic. meanwhile trump tops another poll and even higher number one. spot for the donald. but here's how the liberal new yorker is doing to the gop field and doing a belly flop. are they right? plus are things going bad to worse at mcdonald's. franchisees are sounding the alarms that you want to hear. that's coming up next
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>> donald trump is increasing his lead over gop rivals in a new fox news roll pol.
4:41 pm
that's the third poll trump has topped in a week. let's bring in the panel former senior george w bush and american progress action fund and fox news own gregg. brad, first you. increasing his lead, is there a ceiling for this guy? upon which he can't go? >> i think this is about as good as it's going to get. and i think that as we've seen in other raises withan candidates, they've had a good start, but they were never able to finish. and i think donald trump has had his day in the sun. and just as the gop has a brand, they have to protect. mr. trump should be thinking about his own as well. >> well, emily, i would imagine that democrats are happy to see trump moving up, are they not? >> trump is a sideshow. everyone that knows trump is a sideshow. the big problem for republicans with trump is when they start to latch onto ideas -- >> rye but i asked you about democrats. i asked you. are democrats kind of happy to
4:42 pm
see a guy moving up who creates such controversy? >> i mean trump is dominating the polls, and i think it certainly shows that the republican party, if you want to say the guy who is also a loud mouth should be at the top of the polls, sure. i mean sure. once you go head-to-head. >> we'll take that as a yes. democrats are kind of happy to see. now, the media is treating him like dirt. meanwhile the new yorker covered we already showed. but the huffington post has also announced, gregg, that they're got an treat him as a political candidate. they're going to treat him as a sideshow put him in columns of entertainment. >> trump should be happy about this. they're doing him a behavior because no one reads the huffington post. they do about the kardashians and the bacheloret. >> i love it. on the other side of trump,
4:43 pm
republicans have carly, buzz feed politics which turns the tables in office situations on men in the workplace. take a look. >> is work less of a priority for you now? does your wife help with the kids? wow. are you going to eat all of that yourself? well, we shouldn't have too many men on the project. you know how that could be. i'm assuming you two can work together without getting catty. >> brad, she's actually getting a lot of feedback from conservatives who is that this just plays into liberal stereotypes. what do you think? >> i think it captures the attention. it's done tongue and cheek. she's a fantastic addition to the presidential filed that we're a little light on women. and women are an important voting block. they're going to be the decision makers in 2016, so
4:44 pm
why not appeal to women. . >> now, i'm going to ask you again. what do democrats think about her? i imagine they might be a little nervous about carly. >> i don't think it's much to be nervous about. we talk about name id. do people even know who she is. that's about 8%. so anything she can do to get her name out there can certainly be good for her. i think to get her in the field where the democrats are running obviously very forward with the woman very likely to be at the top of the ticket. sure. you can have a female republican candidate in there. i think that's fine for democrats. . >> gregg, i think what emily is describing is a vice presidential candidate. i mean most vice presidential candidates have low recognition at first and if they're successful, they can boost their president to the top of the ticket; right? >> absolutely, and i think perhaps that's what she's really going for. look, she's around 2%, 1% in the polls, trump has sucked all the air of the political room.
4:45 pm
she is incredible tried to breit and accomplished. she's the one person who can take it to hillary clinton. yeah, second on the ticket. >> and, brad, she has already taken it to hillary. there are a number of occasions where she's called out hillary on some of her specific platforms. >> there's no doubt about it. and she's been tougher on hillary than the men have been. and she's a legitimate person to criticize hillary because she herself is a very successful woman who didn't get there by the luck of the draw. she got there by rolling up her sleeves and competing against men at a time when it was very difficult to do it. >> brad, emily, and gregg. have a wonderful weekend, everybody. thank you fop joining us. >> well, zero to 60 in 2.6 seconds. elon musk a new ludicrous mode an up great that will cost you another $10,000. and this not exciting enough for investors. tesla watchers are awaiting
4:46 pm
news on its two up coming vehicles. the model x suv and deirdre joins us now with more. what do you think of these new models? >> well, you just gave the stats, cheryl, and elon musk says that makes it faster than falling. and you hit it on the head with ludicrous, coming in with the rap song beast mode by ludicrous there. so elon musk is nothing about a very, very good pr man for his product. so as far as that suv that you were talking about, cheryl, he says that ludicrous mode will be available for the suv, the model x suv. that's coming out in the fall and 0 to 60 can't be quite as fast bigger than the sedan at 3.3 seconds. but all of this of course as he competes in this electronic car market. so some tough competition. but he gets his message out. >> and he's calling it ludicrous. that's for all of us buzzing. deirdre, we'll see you at the
4:47 pm
top of the hour. thank you very much. we're going to continue in this car theme. the self driving car crashes but it's not the car's fault. google blaming humans. >> and a dinosaur checks in. a hotel manned by robots is opening its doors ♪ it's a calling. a love affair. a quest. the next horizon. everyone loves the chase. i built my business with passion.
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>> whether it's on wall street or main street, here's who is making money today. uber and lyft, the ride sharing services are now able to pick up passengers at los angeles' lax airport. los angeles is the largest u.s. city to grant airport access. it could be available by september. it's back to the movie theater for marty mcfly.
4:51 pm
remember him? in honor of the movie back to the future, it's going to be released in theaters this october. i'll go and see it again. and only in japan, the first robot hotel opens today. robot dinosaur, they help carry your luggage, makes cup of coffee, the rooms start as low as $60 but go sky high. and they already are plans to expand. cheryl, i can see you in one of those. >> road trip. definitely of. well, more complaints with that. mcdonald's franchisees are more depressed with their future than in the past 12 years. that's according to a survey. gregg and and back are back along with marketing expert peter. okay, jack. six quarters of pain. that's what these franchisees are saying. it's painful to own a mcdonald's. what do they do? >> i don't know if it's going to get better. any time soon. mcdonald's is a tougher turn
4:52 pm
around than greece. and in the reason -- the reason is because it's not in financial distress of any kind. it generates a tremendous amount of cash, it's just there's no growth but that can go on for a long time. this management team has done nothing to simplify the menu. >> okay., yessing, and ayman al-zawahiri a franchisee, i'm ready to sue. they're putting their own financial future into the hands of a corporation that is really wronging them and not fixing the brand. >> right and a corporation doesn't understand that they've lost their identity. when i was a kid growing up, it was the home of the 15-cent hamburger believe it or understand. '50s, and '60s. why go there now? is it taste? no. consumer reports surveyed thousands of people on the best burger chains. 18 of them. mcdonald's came in dead last. in and out came in first. why? small menu, great product.
4:53 pm
all fresh ingredients. >> mcdonald's has to find it away. >> i've got five seconds. >> i would say it's a marketing issue. you can't improve on something if you're not willing to take those chances and mcdonald's says, well, they have growth. >> well, i want to move on to google here because i'm not talking about the stock. and they just revealed one of their self driving cars involved in one of its first accident. involved in a injury and once again they're not blaming humans, the car. >> it's not an accident. the car was rear-ended. if i was sitting in a car and someone rear-ends me, that's not my fault. but the gps has proven itself smart. someone hit them. >> again, i go back to the issue of the lawsuit. google is setting themself up for nothing but legal pain over the next decade. >> yeah. they are. and i don't get full autonomous cars. why have them? you have to have a safety driver there in case systems fail.
4:54 pm
so what's the whole point? >> there's a very low bar. people are terrible drivers. especially the people who keep rear ending the google car. so these cars -- >> think for yourself. >> think about how many more tweets i can send out; right? if i was not driving my own car. i wouldn't have to wait for a red light. >> the interesting thing, though, -- >> market forth for it. we could eat mcdonald's -- we could fix mcdonald's. >> and take selfies. >> there's going to be a market for it. >> i sadly would be the person that would do that. but, you know, with google in particularly, that cfo is cutting the cost down and she's saying no more google glass and cars and no more of this stuff. >> google is famous for their reality they let people work there design whatever they want. >> yeah. but that costs money. >> and some of the best stuff has come from there. >> and scars cars are moving in this direction and google's mapping technology is at the center. so they can make serious money. google owns the world.
4:55 pm
>> and i should have bought it when it was $10. >> yeah. >> we can all say that. we've got breaking news, guys. >> well, on the other hand we have breaking news about yahoo. maybe not too late to get into this. announcing a scc filing for a spin-off in its remaining stake in alibaba. it expects the stakeoff isn't 2015 going to hold 15% after that spin-off. and the new nuke aabaco holdings. i guess that's how you pronounce it. coming up we may finally know the identity of the lock nest monster. one of the most foremost experts on the creature has reached a conclusion. you want to hang on for this after the break. you decide fact or fishy. to bre? it can feel like this. copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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. >> the planned spin-off in its remaining stake for alibaba. yahoo saying it expects the spin-off to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2015. the new companies are calling it aabaco holdings. we're still going to hold, basically the company is still going to hold 384 million shares. that's 15% of audible audibly after that happens. . >> how do you pronounce that? who knows. well, here's some breaking news for you. forget everything you heard about the locknist monster, a man who spent a quarter century researchers this center came to a conclusion. i thought so at least based on evidence, he says it is most likely to be -- hold on for it. a very large catfish. but before you scoff, i can hear scoffing already. a catfish can grow up to 13 feet long and weigh as much as 800 pounds and apparently there's a river in russia where they caught a
5:00 pm
800-pounder. . >> are people that gullible? >> this guy spent 25 years studying nothing else. can you imagine devoting your life to this? >> good lord. well, that's it for us. deirdre is come up. and rescue reward. right now. >> i'm going to go fishing with you guys. thank you very much. this hour we are learning more about the murderer of four marines in chattanooga. we're going to bring you the latest details from the counterterrorism investigation and bring you a debate on tech privacy with terrorists recruiting on social networks. risk and reward starts now. >> the fbi is searching for a motivate for marines. for how the fbi is putting together the pieces. we're looking at a former


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